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About Titans of the Track

Titans of the Track is a photo archive containing photographs and video clips which document in a small way the British Railway scene from about 1950 to the present day.

Rather then hide these away, we have decided to make them into a more useful online resource. Currently the photographs and videos are split into 6 general galleries as shown by the thumbnail images to the right. The photographs and videos in these galleries will be added to, as and when we are able to scan the 1000+ of slides, prints and negatives which we have as well as the cine film and video tape into digital format. Please note that the photographs and videos in each gallery are currently being catalogued with additional information about them. This information, as well as adding useful data to each image also is used by the search engine when searching the archive.

We hope the archive and the photographs and videos in it will be of interest or even a useful research tool.

About the Photographs and Video Clips

As well as digital photographs, this archive contains photographs scanned from a number of sources, these include prints, slides and negatives. As well as 8mm cine film and video tape.

It should therefore be noted that due to the age of the source media, some of the photographs scanned in from the prints, slides and negatives will not be up to the same standard of the digial photographs and some of the video clips will not be up to todays digital standard.

Also due to memory limitations on the server that this site is on. The images in the archive are of a lower resolution to that of the originals images.

Contact Details

If you wish to contact us about the archive then please email either Brian or David

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This web site and its contents, including but not limited to images, photographs, videos, sketches, and text are copyright of B. Rogers and/or D. Rogers.

None of the contents may be copied, altered, redistributed or reproduced in any fashion electronic or otherwise without firstly obtaining the express written permission of above., except where a page(s)/image(s) need to be printed out for personal use.

Images may be copied for personal use ONLY and must NOT be used on a personal or commercial web site or for commercial gain, unless written permission has been obtained.

Any deviation from the above will result in prosecution to the fullest extent that the current laws allow.

All other trademarks referenced or used within this web site are owned and copyright of their respective owners.

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